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May 11, 2016


I have been with Camp Timberline for 14 years now and love it with all my heart. All of my kids have grown up at camp, two of them now counselors! My kids would not be who they are today if it weren't for their exposure to Camp T all of these years - the counselors and culture have helped mold them into the believers they are today, NO QUESTION. The impact CT has had on their character is second to none, that is for sure. As a parent, there is nothing greater than knowing your kids have the foundation to choose wisely in all they do, who their friends are, how they pursue Jesus - how they LIVE life. This is what I want all kids to experience and all parents to know by coming to Camp T. 



Sometimes it's hard to send your child away from home because he/she or mom/dad aren't ready, cost is too much, schedules are too crazy, so thats why Camp Timberline is offering Outta Bounds Day Camp! Every child has a chance to experience Camp T regardless or cost, proximity, or situational issues. Every child can now Be Known and Loved by the most amazing counselors who model the best of what Christ has to give. The impact of this very intentional piece of our ministry is what makes Camp T what it is, why we do what we do, why we want all kids to be part of it!


I receive many comments from parents on how wonderful their experience has been with our staff, so I want to share what one mom sent - 


"Camp Timberline's Outta Bounds Day Camp is a Christian camp like none other in Colorado. The staff and counselors embrace kids with pure, Christ-like joy. A joy that isn't contrived, rather born from authentic love and grace given through Christ Jesus. No doubt, believers or non-believers will find Camp Timberline a place they feel welcomed, celebrated, embraced and loved. There is no judgment. No religious dogma. It is real and it is beautiful. Camp timberline is the fragrance of Christ, an unimaginable beauty and acceptance felt by the heart. My kids LOVE this camp - and so do I!"


Kristie - Outta Bounds Day Camp Parent, 2016


I can't wait to see how many kiddos are blessed at Outta Bounds this summer!


Diane Dahm

Outta Bounds Director

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