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ImpaCT Campaign 

For the past 27 years, our mission has been to change the lives and hearts of the youth we so dearly love....Camp T is a piece of heaven on earth that shows what life can be like with HIM, no matter where we're at. Our vision is to continue to change the lives of every single camper and guest that step on property. This is a sacred space where kids are known and loved and experience what Jesus can offer so when they go down the mountain and return to “life”, they take it with them to lead a life beyond what the world can give. Not only are campers changed, but also our staff, our retreat guests and our families. Our hearts desire is to continue this kingdom impact for generations to come and we can WITH you!


As a nonprofit organization, we invite you to express your generosity in a variety of memorable and impactful ways as we prepare our ministry for awesome things ahead. This includes capital improvement projects, scholarships and more listed below. Thank you for sharing our mission with us to have Kingdom ImpaCT for generations to come!


The foundation of our ministry is relationship. The spaces and places where laughter, intentional talks, tears and worship can take place in the beauty of camp is where they are built.  For years it has been Dana Darrough’s dream to build another space for those experiences to flourish. Her vision is an outdoor pavilion overlooking the property and Twin Sisters, creating a space for campers and guests to fellowship, take in the beauty of God’s creation, and ultimately encounter the Lord. The structure will be roughly 30’x50’ in size, offering a covered area, with a large, double sided and stone fireplace. What a blessing this spot will be for all to enjoy both summer and fall!



For the 2024 season we are looking at revamping and performing maintenance on a few specific Mountain Adventure Elements. We have over 3000 campers and retreat guests challenging themselves, trying something new and exciting every summer and fall. Our goal is to replace and renew our giant high ropes complex to continue an amazing, safe and exhilarating experience.



When we built the lake 15 years ago, we knew it would be a wonderful addition for our camper experience.  We want to continue the activities and fun by providing additional space for campers to enjoy the lake, the sun and a spot to relax with their friends and counselors.   The deck would border the shore and provide a comfortable and accessible area throughout the summer and fall.  



Our founders, Bill and Dana Darrough, had a dream of starting a summer camp in Colorado with 200 campers in 1997…now we have over 3,000 a summer!  WE PRAY THOUSANDS MORE EXPERIENCE JESUS! There is NO limit with your support….help us serve these precious children in this heavenly place created just for them. Help us give them the gift of being known and loved, encouraged, supported, strengthened and empowered by the truth and hope of Jesus Christ.  Let us impaCT the world together, one child at a time. For HIM.

GOAL: $25,000 - Let's get 25 kids in 2025!

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Camp requires a large amount of water to run every season. Between demands like showers, cooking, dish washing and serving over 3,000 campers and guests each year, our current well cannot keep up.  We are now requiring the transport of water to Camp from Estes Park to operate. Hauling this amount of water is expensive, so we are going through the process of drilling a second well that will be able to meet the needs of Camp T for years to come. 


In Their Own Words...

To all of the Camp Timberline family, I can't express enough how incredibly thankful I am for Camp Timberline. I remember 7 years ago when we first discovered Camp T. Paxton was a 3rd grader, I reached out to you guys about a possible scholarship program and Paxton was accepted at a discounted rate. That year completely changed his walk of life. With the exception of Covid summer he has attended every year since. Now attending his 6th summer, he looks forward to it each and every year. In fact he is just as excited for this year as he was for his first year. He has made lifelong friends and memories that he will cherish for years to come. I just felt compelled to share with all of you how Thankful and Blessed we truly are for Camp T! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Partner with us!  Here's how:

Financial Support:

  • Monthly donation

  • One time gift*

  • Matching gift - let us know if you would consider a donor match

  • Underwriting events  - we are excited to start new traditions and events for camp families and alumni!

  • Networking for grants/corporate giving - help us reach organizations that align with our mission

  • Linking Camp Timberline to your King Soopers/City Market rewards card (learn more here).

If you would prefer to send a check, please make it out to:

Camp Timberline 

430 Canyon Avenue 

Fort Collins, CO 80521

Additional Support:

  • Prayer - there are always things to pray for at camp! Find our needs by clicking on our prayer tab above. Also, submit prayer requests under that same tab so we can pray for you!

  • Services or equipment let us know if you have items/services to donate!  

  • Volunteer!  Join us for our Volunteer Day in the spring to get camp ready! Help stuff parent packets, host a home party, help us with new social events coming up and more! 

  • Invite friends to send their kids to one of our four programs next summer! 

  • Recruit Summer Staff!  Help us find the best counselors for your kids!

When we bring resources together with a need, the Lord can do mighty things!   

Our collaboration will do more than we can possibly imagine for the hearts and minds of these children. 

When we make ourselves available for the Lord, it will change us as well!  

"You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity." - 2 Corinthians 9:11


 Thank you for your partnership and for being a part of the Camp T family!

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