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Camp Timberline needs your support! As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on your donations for both property improvements and camper scholarships. We are so grateful for the support of our CT community through the years and would love to invite you to give this season as we prepare for the best summer yet in 2023. Read more below about our current projects and how you can partner with us. 





Eight years ago our Rocky Dome got a makeover with some brand new walls and garage doors. This year our dream is to completely resurface the floor and make it the indoor gym we’ve always wanted!




Upgrading the stadium was one of camps earliest projects! It has since become an amazing place to gather and worship together while looking onto the beautiful Rocky Mountains all around Camp Timberline. As you all have probably seen, our benches have certainly bore the brunt of the 27 years and it’s time for an upgrade!

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This key piece of equipment sets the tone for all we do. We depend on a quality sound system for all our activities, communication and fun! The current used system continues to have technical and operational issues as well as being difficult to transport and store each day. We would love to have a solid unit that is easy to set up and store and produces quality/dependable sound for all our needs.




Our Shift program is one of the sweetest parts of Camp Timberline where students who just finished their Junior or Senior year of High School come stay at Camp for two weeks and learn what Jesus meant when he said “I came to not be served but to serve” as they help run camp as well as enjoy some mountain excursions such as backpacking and rock climbing. Having upgraded the girls shift tent back in 2019, it’s time for the boys to get a cabin that is ready made for some fellowship and memories.

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Our used, 15 year old 90’ inflatable obstacle course is an essential piece of our adventure activities and has become extremely worn and damaged over the years. Our dream would be to purchase a new one that could continue to be our main attraction for years to come. All would agree it’s a major fun factor that wows the crowd indeed!

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A significant amount of our programming takes place outdoors with sports, adventure, group games, water day, morning jump start and more. We all know our Colorado sun is mighty powerful and summer temps are hot, so any shade we can provide our campers and staff is a blessing! We are in need for more more outdoor tents to provide shade and protection for our campers and staff!

Current Program Improvement Projects: 

There are a variety of ways to partner with us:

Our current needs are for daily operations (payroll, insurance, general maintenance, property taxes; and all incidentals needed to keep a business going). With your support we can continue preparation for next summer and eventually be in a place where we can again allocate funds for scholarships and capital improvements. Regarding networking and matching gifts, please contact us at


  • Monthly donation

  • One time gift

  • Matching gift - let us know if you would consider a donor match

  • Linking Camp Timberline to your King Soopers/City Market rewards card (learn more here).

Additional Support:

  • Services or equipment  

  • Prayer - for our Camp T ministry!

  • Invite friends to send their kids to camp next summer! New registrations can have a big impact on our bottom line right now!

  • Networking for grants/corporate giving - help us reach organizations that align with our mission

If you would prefer to send a check, please make it out to Camp Timberline and send it to our Fort Collins Office:

430 Canyon Avenue 

Fort Collins, CO 80521

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